Have you ever put your stud in your stud gun to repair a dent and the stud falls out before it reaches the panel?  Sure it has, it has happened to all of us.  However, the new Magna-Spot eliminates this problem with their exclusive (MPS), which secures the pins in the electrode.  You can read the press release below to learn more of the benefits.


Details to this contest are going to be revealed in layers as follows:

  • Prize Revealed
  • How To  Video Demonstrating How To Use The New Stud Gun
  • How To Enter Contest and Details
  • Winner Revealed

So you need to check back often to discover what each layer has to offer.  To learn more about the different stud guns that Motor Guard has to offer visit Magna-Spot Stud Welders.

New Details:  New Details Will Be Revealed Below As They Are Revealed!

1.   Judge – Chris Sheehy Is Going To Be One Of The Judges To Help Select The Winner. Chris Sheehy – Autobody Consulting Group

2.  Judge – Eric Parsons is Going To Be Another Judge For This Contest – Eric Parsons – Mander Collision and Glass

3. Start Thinking Creative and Video….Create a how-to video or a video of a project that you are working on.  Be creative!

4. Got your video ready?  Post it to the contest Facebook Page

5. Judge – David Barleen, President of Motor Guard Corporation, will be helping select the winning videos.  David Barleen – Motor Guard Corporation

6. Video of How To Use The New Magna-Spot Stud Welder Gun

7. We've listened to your comments and we are going to help you out. We have a new Magna-Spot stud welder gun to give away and someone needs to win it. We've received comments conveying two uniform messages. 1) I don't know how to create a video. 2) I am too nervous to post a video of myself. Therefore, we are going to allow a few additional options. If you are not comfortable to post a video, you can also: post photos, photos with story board, post essay, or a mix. The key is to be creative. If you have started a video, I encourage you to post it, as video is a good way to capture the attention of other. So post what you have on our Facebook Event Page. Be creative and have fun!!!

8. This contest has been opened up for anyone involved in the collision repair industry.  Student, Instructor, Technician, Manager, Etc.  We want to hear your story, or watch your videos, learn about your school or shop, etc.  Do you remember repairing damage before we had tools like the stud nail gun?  I do!  Screw in slide hammers, pull rods, etc.  I've seen the holes welded, soldered, and even just filled over with bondo.  The stud gun has made it much easier; hasn't it?  Do you have a story to tell?  Let's hear it and you may be the winner of a new Magna-Spot Stud Welder Gun.  Just head over to our event page and post your story, video, pics, etc.  Be creative and have fun!

9.  Final details and contest deadline coming soon.  Check back!

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