News: Discover The Secrests To Custom Paint and Airbrushing

This is a trailer to the video that we are going to make that will help teach you auto body, custom paint, airbrushing, and much more. Discover the secrests to flames and many other custom painting techniques. Airbrush artist, Krys Geltz and collision repair instructor, Donnie Smith team together to provide you some of the best training ever for custom paint. You can learn more at


ATTENTION COLLISION REPAIR INDUSTRYHave you ever put your stud in your stud gun to repair a dent and the stud falls out before it reaches the panel? Sure it has, it has happened to all of us. However, the new Magna-Spot eliminates this problem with their exclusive (MPS), which secures the pins in the electrode. You can read the press release below to learn more of the benefits.ENTER AND WIN THE NEW MAGNA-SPOT STUD GUNDetails to this contest are going to be revealed in layers as follows:

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